Refugees and Migrants Project (RAMP)

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This Refugees and Migrants Project (RAMP) page is designed to encourage us to re-think how we conceive the movement of people, within and between states, in the twenty-first century. The temporal emphasis highlights that refugees and migrants, by definition, can only exist in a world defined by state sovereignty over borders, borders that allow some to pass and others not, which congealed only 150 years ago.[i] RAMP seeks to use a multi-disciplinary approach to examine a range of issues including law, citizenship, borders, rights, politics, cities, the arts, and history. The purpose of this initiative is to encourage the development of literature on refugees and migrants that includes them not merely as objects of study but as subjects defining their lives. Doing so seeks to enhance our understanding of the local and global structures that make up our lives, our advocacy for refugee and migrant rights, the development of better policies, and our ability to reframe narratives about refugees away from seeing them as crises, burdens, or problems.